EWI is committed to promoting international literacy. In 1992, the EWI membership selected literacy as its philanthropic focus and since 1999 has held an annual International Reading Rally. EWI chapters across North America have enlisted the aid of corporations, writers, teachers, and many others to promote reading and writing opportunities to children.

Reading Rally events are one of the ways EWI promotes literacy in the community. Throughout the years Reading Rally events have made a difference for more than 17,000 children across the country.

In 2005, Reading Rally became a part of the Leadership Conference & Annual Meeting (LCAM) experience. Academy of Leadership Alumni participants were invited to visit a local Boys & Girls Club in Salt Lake City where a new reading room had been decorated and stocked by EWI representatives and firms.

EWI Reading Rally

Reading Rally Partnerships are an excellent way get involved in the community and gain publicity since the Reading Rally often attracts television and newspaper coverage. The "Reading Rally Partnership Levels pdf" outlines the various opportunities available. All contributors are recognized and publicized.

We sincerely hope that you will catch EWI's spirit of promoting literacy through the EWI Reading Rally initiative! Support from partnerships helps us create heartwarming literacy events year after year.

Reading Rally Tool-kit pdf. Filled with Reading Rally ideas, book labels Word doc and more, the Reading Rally Tool-kit is designed to make your Reading Rally a success!

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